Our Story

Dishes of India opened on June 17th 1997. Chef Ramanand Bhatt always wanted to open up his own place, since he had worked in the hospitality business all of his life. The journey started only when he was 16 years old in New Delhi, India in a roadside small cafe. At age 25 he went to Spain and worked there for 5 years at a prestigious Indian restaurant. He then came back to India and worked for Air India flight kitchens as a assistant chef for about 15 years. In 1981 he came to USA.
In 2003 Dishes of India was completely destroyed by hurricane Isabell. It was completely renovated and almost took one year to open back up. Mr. Bhatt at one point didn’t wanted to open up again, as he was going thru lot of hurdles, but his determination and a lot of help from locals and guests made it possible.


Dishes of India is a family run restaurant. Mr Bhatt has 2 of his 4 sons working with him at the restaurant. Mr Naresh Bhatt looks after the overall operations of the restaurant and Mr. Gopal Bhatt takes cares of the front end. Mr. Bhatt is dedicated in his work and is 100 percent focused on traditional authentic Indian cuisine. He cooks from the heart and takes pleasure in seeing his patrons enjoy their meal. He uses only the freshest ingredients and the best spices. His secret maybe that he has received an extraordinary gift of happiness from god which he transfers to his cooking. Lot of his patrons calls him the magician for the magic he creates in the kitchen.