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Dishes of India originally opened June 17, 1997. Chef Ramanand Bhatt begin cooking at 16 years old in New Delhi, India at a roadside café. From the beginning of his career his desire was to open up his own place. At age 25 he traveled to Spain, where he worked at a prestigious Indian restaurant for five years. Returning to India, he worked for Air India flight kitchens as an assistant chef for15 years. In 1981 he came to USA, continuing to fine-tune his skills, plan and save to eventually open his own restaurant in 1997.

In 2003 Dishes of India was destroyed by Hurricane Isabell. It took about one year to renovate the restaurant and reopen. There were a LOT of hurdles, so many, at one point, Chef Bhatt second guessed whether they should open or not, but only for a moment, his determination and passion kept his focus on his dream. However, it was through a lot of help from locals and loyal guests that it was made possible to restore Dishes of India and open for business once again.

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