"I ordered palak paneer for take-out last night and it was delicious! The portion was incredibly generous—easily enough for three meals. I plan to come back weekly and get an order to eat for lunch throughout the week. The service was lovely, too—I was greeted by three different people when I arrived to pick up my order and offered a seat at the bar while I waited."

Shannon Murphy

"Oh my gosh this place is amazing! I'm not a vegetarian, but the Began Malvani (Vegan) is phenomenal. The basmati rice is flavorful on its own, but coupled with the rest of the dishes, it's just an out of this world experience. The staff there is so nice, and our food was served quickly. I highly recommend this place and plan on returning as soon as possible!"

Natalie Lightstone

"What a great place. Yes you do have to walk downstairs about 10 steps to get to the restaurant but so worth it. The food was served fresh and hot. It was delicious. The wait staff was very attentive and explained everything. This place is a gem and they will see us again."

Beatrice Frank

"So darn good! The fried spinach app is a must try. Sizzling lamb, butter chicken and saag was on point! The pistachio dessert is decadent and a must! I'll definitely be back to try more!"

Vinh Tolentino

"Dishes of India was a pre-COVID fav place to gather with friends as you could not beat their buffet. Everything is delicious and the paneer dishes are my go to. They have curbside pickup."

Netty Conner

"Easy to love Indian food. The buffet had descriptive signs that were easy to understand. Attentive staff with smiles all around. Looking forward to my next visit."

Terri Hansen

"Great buffet, excellent service. The buffet had 10ish different sections, all very good. The staff is very friendly and extremely attentive."

Christopher P

"I love their aloo gobi! It’s like fresh homemade food. Also like their rewards program."

robin hood

"Always delicious! The staff are very nice and attentive, and I appreciate the tablecloths, cloth napkins and other finer dining touches at a reasonable price."

Kristin Buter Bourgeois

"My favorite restaurant of all-time. COVID eliminated the fantastic lunch buffet, but the small plates for lunch are a great replacement. The staff measures up too. Brothers Naresh & Gopal are fantastic guys & waitstaff is number one! Jose is my guy, so helpful"

Jerome Warden